Hi welcome to my site, CrazeeKidsArt.com. Creativity is what I would like to offer, but from kids’ point of view! So, let’s have fun creating.



Julia - CrazeeKidsArtArt has always been my favourite subject back in school, it was what I was good at. I obtained an A ’level in art, amongst other subjects and got into an Art Polytechnic/College, a 4-year Graphic Design course. First, I had to do 1-year foundation course, before that helped me decide on what area of art, I wanted to study in. Completing 5 years in total Phew!!

I finished up with a BA Honours Degree in Graphic design. This then landed me a job working on language magazines, for kids that were generated throughout schools. They were fun and colourful and a joy to work on.

Our office didn’t have computers then everything was produced by hand. We had to be skilled draughtsmen to cut, stick, or paste work together and had to work closely with editors.

It was at this time when I was heavily pregnant, I decided to go freelance and work from home. So being restless I decided to try art projects of my own. 

I started to do 3D papier mâché’ models of family members. I used what ever resources I could find. Bits of cardboard, newspaper, wall paper paste, sticky tape or string.

The process was to cut, create sculptures, glue strips of paper, mould and eventually knock out some not too bad figures of my family. I’d then paint from photos of members of my family, reproducing the likeness, as close as possible, then finish off by varnishing them so that they would last. These were requested and given as gifts.

Moving forward, I started to design and make hand-made greeting cards. I remember buying or collecting anything I can use to stick on a card, with a personalised touch, as well as other projects that I ventured into.

Three children later, I decided to work in a school, so I could have holidays off as well and be at home with them, not having to hire a child minder.

Eventually, I got a job as a Teacher Assistant working in a classroom. I love, love working with children they are my joy. With my Art background the school gave me the responsibility of all Art activities, as part of my role as well as working with kids in class, (helping them with their learning), inside of me I thought yipeee! Right up my street!

I would put up corridor or hallway displays, do costumes and backdrops for school plays. I would run Art clubs after school for different age groups, doing fun art projects using anything that could be recycled as part of our activities.

I have worked with pupils of 16 right down to 2-year old. I have learnt through my nearly 20 years of working in schools, that children learn a lot through art and you learn a lot from their markings on paper. Currently I am working with young children and their expressions and baby chat are so funny and endearing.

This is what I am looking for, a child impression on paper, a creation made from scraps of anything. Its spontaneous, to the point and simple and its all about them as individuals.


Children as young as 3 are quite smart, they know what they like and can be little budding artists! Have them draw or doodle something, which to us may look a bit Crazee! but their little scribbles would make sense to them!

To give you and idea of what we do in our Art clubs, one of the activities would be to make something out of the inner tubes of toilet rolls. They would have fun creating MONSTERS! GRRRR or Jungle animals ROARRRR! These activities will be revealed to you later on.

Children love to get messy, stick an apron on them and let them go Crazee! Having the opportunity to explore and express themselves, messy is the word! Have them complete their projects, no matter how it looks, at least they had a go, and in the process had fun making it!

WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU (my intentions for you)

@CrazeeKidsArt.com, is to recycle almost everything and re-use items of interest. I would decide what I could make out of any old junk, bubble wrap, buttons, ribbons, cardboard, feathers, old Christmas cards, bottle tops, plastic milk containers with handles, (keep in touch, and you will see how to make Indian elephants).

kids like to rave and show off their super cool designs, I would like to enlighten you, with my ideas and show you how you can help motivate your child and get them to develop their fine motor skills, demonstrating how to use a pair of scissors to cut paper or card.

Teach our kids to follow simple instruction, on how to construct, build and establish an understanding and enhance their knowledge as they grow.

So, join me and together we can help motivate and challenge our kids.

If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best