Here are two cute Easter bunnies and guess what, both are made from milk cartons.

Your choice one with a handle, like a little basket to carry the Easter eggs in and the other one with a bit more sticking involved, where this time the eggs are inside the mouth!

When you think of Easter, what comes to mind? Chicks, bunnies, sheep, lambs, even daffodils, spring, blossoms, or is it easter eggs?

I think of Easter as the start of spring and the beauty of the blossomed trees that are simply encaptulating.

So what do you think kids would regard as the main thing about easter would be? 

Well when I last asked a kid are you looking forward to your easter holidays and what are you the most looking forward to? and the answer was ‘Easter eggs’ the chocolate type of course!

Let’s recap, we have kind of lost the true meaning of Easter, especially for kids, they associate it to chocolate eggs.

What is the real meaning of an Easter egg? the shape of the egg has to have some kind of symbolic meaning.

When we think of an egg, the egg hatches there is a birth of a new life a baby chick. 

The chocolate Easter eggs are a bit like that, we break the shell to find something inside it. 

What connection does a bunny have? The easter bunny is also featured quite alot over easter time too, this also has a symbolic meaning. Later on we will be looking at making an Easter carton bunnies!

Check out this video it may make things a bit more clearer.

Let’s take a look!

I hope you enjoyed watching this video as it gives you an insight, told by a kid, all about Easter, how it came about eggs, bunnies and all!

The Easter dates may vary, depending when the video was made.

Coming back to Easter bunnies come to mind, they are cute furry little things that can be quite fun to make.

Large ears, goofy teeth, dreamy eyes, happy, with their little tooties poking out, though to be made from our throw-outs, that being a milk carton or a juice carton.

I would like to keep the whole carton and see if we can use all of it. I will be making two types, the first one will be a little Easter basket or box to put Easter eggs in with a handle to carry it.

 The second version will be a furry bunny and where the mouth would be, to have a section cut out so you can see inside, then you can have a few easter eggs showing through as a little treat.

So we are going to have a go at making an Easter carton bunnies! They will be 3-dimentional the shape of a cuboid I thought to try somethng different and see how we can adapt this to become a bunny.


Resources for bunny box.
  • 1 empty milk carton.

  • White/pink acrylic paints.

  • Paintbrush.

  • Stanley knife/scalple/scissors.

  • Hot wax glue gun.

  • Black felt tip pen.

  • White paper/card.

  • Shredded white/yellow paper.

  • Mixed small Easter eggs.

Adult needed to cut the mouth.

HOW TO MAKE! This is the basket.


Resources for the furry bunny. Adult needed to cut out mouth.
  • 1 Milk carton, rinsed and drained.
  • Scissors/stanley knife/scalple.
  • Hot glue gun/glue stick.
  • Cotton wool balls.
  • 1 medium pink pom pom ball.
  • 1 small piece black card. (for whiskers)
  • White card (for ears optional)
  • Pink paper (for inside ears)
  • Easter eggs (mixed sizes (for inside mouth)

Having made the furry bunny it kind of reminds me of one of these characters, that being the ‘White Rabbit’ in Alice in Wonderland, the other being ‘Chewy’ in Star Wars and finally Bigfoot? although my intentions were for it to be a super cute furry bunny, the choice is yours or your kids!




  1. Any cutting should be done with the help of an adult.
  2. The basket requires a lot of white paint so as to cover the print, so allow first coat to dry before applying a second coat.
  3. Whilst cutting the basket shape you need to hold the carton taught so as it dosen’t cave in.
  4. You can use the templates as a guide or follow example and draw up how you want it to look.
  5. Once you have painted the box in white you will loose the initial drawing of the bunny, so you will have to re-draw the bunny face again, this time use a pencil as a light guide, then when you are happy draw over it with a black felt tip pen.
  6. If you don’t have cotton wool balls, you can just paint the carton and colour how you want or stick any furry fabric to give the sensory feeling of a cute bunny.
  7. Depending on how you draw or use the eyes, these dictate the dreamy eye look, have a practice first to obtain the right results, before cutting and sticking on the container.
  8. The whiskers again is entirely your choice on whether they are crossed in the middle or just cut and spread out over the mouth area.
  9. Use the hot glue for stubborn areas, otherwise continue with the glue stick.


I have shown you how to make two different Easter carton bunnies, a little basket bunny and a furry bunny using  your throw outs, being milk cartons, or even juice cartons which have a similar shape.

All you need to get are the easter eggs, though being so close to Easter now they may have sold out, but don’t worry these containers can still be made for any other type of treats. 

These containers are quite fun to make and you don’t need too many resources to get going.. As long as you have white and pink paint black felt tips and good cutting tools, you are well away.

Have a go with your kids and be on standby with the sharp tools as adult guidance will be required for saftey of your children.

So I hope you enjoy making these cute Easter carton bunnies just look deep in your recycling bag and save your milk cartons!

Oh don’t forget to ask anything you want if you get stuck and would love to see your interpretation of these bunny containers and  I can post them in an update!

So come on let’s get crafting!!!

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3 thoughts on “EASTER CARTON BUNNIES!”

  1. These are such lovely projects! And it looks easy enough to do. I like that you added the printables, since I am not that great at drawing, so I can really use those!
    I especially liked the first Easter bunny where you can add the Easter chocolate eggs. Kids will love this, making it and receiving it 🙂
    Homemade gifts are always the best 🙂

    1. Hiya, so glad you enjoyed these projects! It’s all about having lots of fun with kids and going back to basics.
      Not forgetting making good use of your regular throw-outs.
      Appreciate the thumbs up and hope I can keep on inspiring even the adults who are young at heart!

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