This is the front of the love heart lollipop.

Here is a love heart lolly, that you can make and gift someone for Valentine’s day!

Here is the back of the love heart lollipop.

Holiday loVe craFT!

Yep, Valentine’s day is coming up and it falls smack bang in the school holidays!

The question is what can you do with your kids to keep them busy and also make something that can be given as an excellent enough gift?

Well, when I had to think of something for the kids in my Art club to make and I scratched my head, eyes pondering what can I prepare as an activity that is straightforward, with minimal time, to make something creative in under an hour.


So I thought, since Valentine’s day is the next biggy to hit our stores, I decided to use the ‘Heart’ as the main subject, and as kids, love to draw hearts and decorate them in some way, whether it’s colouring them in or gluing bits together I thought let’s go with that!


So what crossed my mind was when I saw a display of a beautiful backdrop of crushed roses, that gave an essence of a cuddly, soft, and romantic feel, this was the look I was after.


To achieve a similar look, that’s not too complicated for them to make, is to use coloured tissue paper and make loads of small balls and stick them onto a cut-out cardboard shape of a heart, and this will be our Valentine lollipop craft!

So that’s what I went with, as time was short, and drawing a love heart is one thing, but have the kids cut them out! well, you guessed right.

I found some packaging cards and chopped them up into appropriate pieces so that when a lolly stick was attached it would be in proportion and not too heavy.

Based on the size I worked out a heart shape, which I demoed below, drew it onto the cards, and helped kids cut them out, otherwise I quickly aided that process, so the heart shape was not cut into pieces whoops!

I regret not recording the children in this activity. but managed to take photos before they left of their finished work! See below.


  • Brown packaging card (3mm thick or more)

  • 1 sheet of A4 paper.

  • Any coloured tissue paper.

  • PVA glue/plate/brush (not shown)

  • Masking tape.

  • Any ruler./pencil.

  • Large scissors.

  • A lolly stick.



What do you think, is this something you can do with your kids?

A lot of you crafters out there would probably have some tissue paper and PVA glue, floating about and you can put that to good use.

A little hint here, some packaging or gifts you receive goods may be wrapped up in tissue paper and I always save that to reuse!

Failing that, there is always the faithful toilet roll paper, which you can cut into small pieces and scrunch up into small balls!

At the start of this post, I mentioned I would do something with Valentine’s theme with the children in my Art class and these are the results!


Sometimes kids get so frustrated when they can’t get to grips with things, working with scissors is one thing, but we may be expecting too much of them!

So a helping hand to demo how to cut or make use of a resource is where we need to step in, a bit like Charlie Brown in the video below.

Patience is a virtue and we, the adults must persevere and all in good time, the likes of Sally will get a light bulb moment!


I thought this was a nice touch and it kind of demonstrates what I mean, homemade is the best, but poor Sally…….

Along comes Snoopy, head held up high and shows that it’s a doddle, ‘snip, snip’ a genius upon us!

Are there any more like Snoopy out there? Ha ha!


In the previous post, ‘Fun Valentine’s craft ideas! I show you how to make fun, witty valentine’s cards using food packaging and tweaking it a bit, with some fun messages.


Utilizing your recycling in a fun way and taking what is around us and using it as the main resource for a project.

That too would be an interesting activity for your kids to do a bit more challenging and quite creative, just look for suitable images that would work well with the ‘Love theme’


In this post, we use cardboard packaging to make love hearts.

The results of this project in Valentine lollipop craft! are lovely Love hearts on a lolly stick, that can be given to a loved one and that can be propped up in a cup or glass!



  • .Find a thickish packaging card above 3mm deep as this will stay strong.
  • No lolly sticks then cut the card with the lines or grain going vertical, this will stay straight and not bend.


  • Prepare all the little tissue balls and have them on standby it could take you between 10-15 minutes to make your small tissue balls, quicker with a helping hand.


  • I found painting the surface of the cardboard love heart with PVA glue can help when sticking on the small tissue balls at the same time dipping the balls in glue doubles up with adhesion.


  • Once you have completed sticking on the little tissue balls, go carefully around the love heart and gently squeeze them tight molding them to the shape of the heart.


  • Don’t forget to glue tissue balls around the edge of the love heart to conceal it.
  • Allow to dry overnight and by the next day, it will feel more solid and all the white PVA glue would have vanished.

For all your resources check out Baker Ross!

Find coloured tissue paper, PVA glue, and child-friendly scissors.

Hey there, when you click on links in this post and you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission that l can use towards resources (other than throw-outs) for project making within my website😀

(affliate disclosure)


Valentine’s day falls within the school half-term holidays in the UK, and this would be an excellent activity to do with your kids.

Simply scrunch up coloured tissue papers and glue them onto a cardboard love heart, creating a lovely floral-looking love heart lollipop!

Let’s keep our kids interested and busy, by having them do some crafting, and the results will be a nice give-away a Valentines gift for a loved one!


  1. Hey,

    This is such a great site and I love this article too as there are so many ideas for kids to create. I love the holiday craft ideas and basically these are all year round ideas too.

    I don’t have kids but I have a niece and nephew, and I have lots of friends with young kids who would LOVE this site.

    I am going to share this with them because I know they will look at this and use this site as a reference to help their kids be creative.

    Keep up the amazing work and sharing your gifts with the world.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks a bunch, Tom. I am so happy you enjoyed the article on Valentine lollipop craft and other projects too!
      That’s brilliant that you are thinking of sharing my site with your, niece, nephew, and their
      friends with kids!
      Also for them to keep dipping in for more ideas as I will be adding more as time goes on!
      I try to utilize throw-outs as best as I can and recycle them into fun projects!
      It’s all about educating the younger generation to do more recycling for the sake of our planet,
      the sea, and the knock-on effect on sea life!
      This is a start and we are doing our bit! I appreciate your enthusiasm!
      Thank you for your super comment.
      Happy crafting!

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