Your dad would absolutely love this Fathers day gift! Made from your recycled throw-outs and his favourite treat!

It’s an ‘Easy Fathers Day Craft’ to make just under an hour, so let’s get cracking!

Hey don’t forget ‘Father’s day’ is nearly upon us and it’s time to put your thinking head on!

Let’s think, you have to be quick though….how about finding something your dad is fond of, something he likes, perhaps a treat?

So when your dad makes that cup of tea, what does he like to dunk into his tea?

Would it be a plain buscuit, or one that is covered in chocolate?

I know a very popular chocolate covered buscuit is a Kit Kat, does that ring any bells with you?

I know with my other half, loves Kit Kats. the fridge always has a packet of them inside the door part.

The other thing of interest you could say is your dad loves cars too!


So for the sake of this project we will focus on just that, a car and a treat.

Imagine this, a car carrying his favourite treats! We are going to make an ‘Easy Father’s day Craft!’

The idea behind this project is to make a quick car where you can attach your treats, like a treat on the go


Check your recycling bag and look for a longish narrow cereal box, I found a Weetabix box and a smaller one to put on top of it. 

The long narrow box will be the main body of the car and the smaller box will be the top part where the passengers sit, so straight away it will look like a car.

You will need to make four wheels which you can draw and cut from black card and the inside part of the wheels you can use red plastic milk bottle tops.

If you don’t already have Kit Kat bars, then any two finger chocolate bars will do, remember it’s your dads favourite treat you are going to gift him with.


If you don’t already have Kit Kats, the two finger bars you will need to get hold of your dads favourite treat which will be part of your ‘Easy Father’s day craft’.

What ever you use to do this craft activity with, make sure the chocolate bars are covered with paper, as the covering of the chocolate will make it easy to stick the double sided tape to and glue to the car.

Here are examples of the two bar chocolate treats. I will be using these in our craft project.


I wanted our craft project to mirror the style of a Kit Kat which would be a chocolate bar, covered in a thin foil, then their branded paper.

So in this instance the car will be covered in silver foil, as the base of the design and then place the red coloured Kit Kats on the top part of the car. The car will reflect your dads favourite treat!

Before we move on with our crafting check out this short video!


It’s interesting to see how a popular snacking buscuit developed over the years! I remember the iconic catchphrase, ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat and up to this date, I do believe it is the most go back to chocolate buscuit that just works on any occassion, no matter how many other tempting chocolate buscuits there are out there!

So no time to loose shall we get started?

List of resourses you will need to make your Easy Father's Day Craft!
  • Kitchen foil
  • Cereal box Weetabix (single pack)
  • Small rectangle box. approx. 15.5cms x 7cms
  • Scissors, Large/small.
  • 4 red milk bottle tops.
  • Black/greyish A4 card.
  • Round container to draw wheels. White pencil.
  • Glue stick, double sided tape.(not shown)
  • Kit Kats (not shown) Black felttip pen. (not shown)



    About foil!

  • The foil wrapping is only for show purposes, once buscuit is removed, the foil may tear off with it.
  • Gentle fingers when glueing on the foil to the box, it can tear easily.

     About PVA glue!

  • You can use PVA glue, but it can be messy and the foil will get a mat finish, so keep in mind that foil does look better with a shine to it when completed.

    About double sided tape!

  • I found double sided tape is the best resourse to stick the smaller box on top, it will adhere to the foil.
  • Check the position of the two finger buscuits on either end of the smaller box before sticking it down, as once you place it on the foil surface, you wont be able to take it off easily.
  • I used red bottle tops, as Kit Kats main colour is red, you can use other colours that match your chocolate treat.
  • Again you can use double sided tape to stick the chocolate buscuits to the box.


If you are looking to find simple ready made resourses, that are fun as well as challenging and keep your kids busy, or even to gift to your dad to get him crafting!, then checkout  Baker Ross, there you will find an array of interesting kits that are suitable to make for Father’s day, or on Father’s day! .

From transport and people wooden photo frames to personalise and decorate in away that’s unique to you!

3D wood craft kits, key rings kits, and more that you can put together quite easily! Though, don’t forget to come back and continue with this project, as you will be utilizing throw-outs in a good way!

Hey there, when you click on links in this post and you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission that l can use towards resources (other than throw-outs) for project making within my website😀

(affliate disclosure)


I have shown you how to put together an ‘Easy Father’s Day craft Idea!’ which you can put together within an hour tops!

The idea behind this craft project is to present your dad with his favourite chocolate buscuit on a jazzy car!

As the main buscuit is Kit Kat, that’s what I use to demo this project.

So the foil wrapped up car is what the chocolate buscuits are covered with, then the red logo wrapping!

Look for a single pack cereal box within your recycling bag and a smaller box as your main items to create your dads gift with.

Collect plastic bottle tops from your plastic milk bottles, some black and grey card and odd resourses here and there and you are good to go!

Don’t forget to checkout previous post I include, even though time is short, you can still take your pick and what ever recycling items you can get your hands on!

So ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and Happy Crafting!

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7 thoughts on “EASY FATHER’S DAY CRAFT!”

  1. Hi Julia,
    This is a great idea for Father’s Day gifts! I know my grandkids would love making something like this for there dad (Maybe Grandpap too!) I would certainly enjoy a KitKat Bar, and I believe a lot of Dads would also! They are one of my favorites, among others!
    Thank you for sharing this neat craft idea!

    1. Hi Chas, so glad you like this craft project for
      Father’s day. I wanted to do something a little bit different.
      My idea is, to use any junk that can be upcycled into
      fun kids crafts.
      KitKat bars came to mind as my hubby loves them too and
      I don’t mind one or two bars with a cup of tea! lol
      They look great visually and presented the way I have
      makes a perfect gift! Also KitKats are quite popular,
      hence an ideal treat!
      Thanks for your comment and don’t forget you can alway give
      this project a go with your grandkids, no matter what occassion.
      Have fun crafting!

  2. This looks like a really easy and fun personalized craft project to do with the kids!
    This craft only takes about an hour and uses a favorite treat as well. Plus, it’s great that it’s made from recycled materials that you probably have lying around the house too.

    I’m sure any dad would love to receive this on Father’s Day.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Femi! Glad you like this quick craft project to do!
      I aim to use any recycled throw-outs to do fun, activities for
      kids to do!
      This kind of project can be done at anytime, for any occassion
      you just need to get hold of your favourite treat!
      Thank you for your comment and happy crafting!
      Julia ?

  3. Hello Julia,
    While this comment might come up late, you just gave me an idea for a fun-filled activity for the kids. I am a dad of 3 kids, I also love a bar of Kit Kat from time to time, but not so on cars, but I do love guitars. So maybe a guitar made out of Kit-Kats!
    I love that you cannot just do this for Father’s day, but for any occasion and using recycled materials.

    1. Hi Lemuel, great idea, to make a guitar out of KitKats! It’s using
      two interests that will work as one!
      My main aim is to use throw-outs and recycle them in a fun sort of way.
      Like you said, you don’t have to make this activity for an
      occassion, but simply as an easy craft project!
      I am glad that I have inspired you and have your kids make good use of
      your junk in a good way!
      Happy Crafting.

  4. Hi Chastity, that’s my aim to try and inspire kids to get creative,
    especially in using junk in a crafty way!
    Keep that thought in mind, for when you next see your Grandkids and
    with your favourite treat, or theirs you can throw this craft project together
    in no time and then they can gift it, for an occassion or just for fun
    to dad, Grand-dad or, eat it all up themselves lol!
    Thanks for your comment.
    Happy Crafting!

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