Face mask socks, no sewing!

Three socks, three different masks!

We are looking at making masks out of socks!

Masks, masks, masks, are everywhere now, because we are still amidst a pandemic we are required to wear a mask to stay safe.

This means wearing masks in social gatherings, or generally for protection when or in close proximity to another person.

In my previous post, we talked about how we could make 6 face masks out of one pair of leggings, being resourceful and using what you already have at home. 

sticking with the same theme, what else have we got that we can change into a do-it-your-self challenge.

How about ‘Socks’ the clean kind of course, maybe the odd one or two, or even forgotten socks. Yes, we are going to make face mask socks, no sewing required!’

Who can do this?

I’d say children from 4 years old upwards, as long as they can use a scissors, (with adult guidance) can do this activity, as well as teens and adults and for the younger ones, to have adult support, or interact accordingly.

Before we move on to that, let’s see what we know.

What’s going on!

So I ran my eyes over the internet to see what’s going on regarding face masks, as this is key at the moment and there are never ending ways, to fix yourself some kind of face mask in one way or another.

What kind?.

There are ones you buy ready made and there are ones you can make from a selection of  fabrics and patterns, though you have to have a sewing machine or do some sewing and if you are working with children, you would have to step in or oversee it. (Check out :- www.hobbycraft.co.uk

Of interest!

I came across a wave of like minded people who are quite creative with what they have at home, utilising their clothing and making face masks.

Stop think!

Before your rush out and buy masks, we are going to look at recycling what you have. These are the most underestimated foot wear, although they have their use.

They come in small or large sizes, fluffy or cottony type, different designer styles or fun colourful kind, yes it’s SOCKS!  Ask yourself is it possible to make face mask socks, no sewing needed?

Let’s have a go!

I chose 4 different coloured socks, including children’s and adults sizes. Initially I made one as a sample and from this I became more familiar with what and how to cut and decided to make a few in one go, so you can see what they look like in various colours.

 I use a dummy head to model the masks, but when you wear them, they do have more of a snug fit. You can line the inside of the masks, with folded up kitchen towel, or cut up coffee filter, so you get the 3 layers which is the safety requirement.

They are so easy to make and the beauty of it all is they are re-use-able and washable!

There are at least 6 stages involving cutting, 13 images to follow, you can nip or tuck here and there or neaten of as required.


  • 1 or 2 socks.
  • Scissors. (large one that cuts well)
  • If you like a marker, or fabric chalk.
  • Choice of filters, coffee filter, or kitchen towel. (both cut or folded)
Front view.
Side view.

Side view of three masks!

Elastic ends of socks can be used as hair scrunches!


There you have it, easy isn’t it? Minimal  resources and I recommend, if you are making masks with kids, then you can get away without having to fold the socks as this can get a bit confusing for the younger ones. Check out how to make it easier.

Even easier way for younger ones!

Keeping the sock flat in one position, you simply cut both ends off, shape it, cut he top end open. Snip each side for the ears and then lift one layer up, away from the bottom layer and cut half a circle for under each eye. As you go along you see it transform, looking more like a mask.

It maybe a bit wonky, but the kids had a go and they will be pleased with what they made!

Check-out the video below ⇓⇓⇓

To Conclude!

We have looked at making masks out of socks and no sewing was required. The best part is that you are recycling items that can be put to good use again and are washable and re-use-able!

I show you step by step guide how to make a face mask and all you require is a good pair of scissors, a large pair if possible as it makes cutting more swiftly and you are revamping something old into something different.

I hope this will challenge you, as there is no need to sew and if you mess up with one sock, you always have the other one waiting to be transformed!

Here you have it how to make a ‘Sock face mask’ made easy for kids to follow. No sewing, No folding!

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