Little Rabbit Foo Foo!
The Goonie!
Back-to-back Rabbit and Goonie!

We think of Bunny rabbits as cute and adorable little creatures, don’t we?

Heads up, later on I will introduce to you a little rogue and a not so cute naughty character and here’s a hint……….. Little Rabbit Foo?


Round about this time of the year when it’s April, Spring time and Easter is back, there they are again!

Why a bunny rabbit? you may ask, well basically the rabbit gives birth to a rather large litter, known as kittens and this symbolises the birth of new life.


If we go back to pagan time, where they had the traditional festival of Eostre, a goddess of fertility, the animal that symbolises this is the ‘bunny’!

As rabbits are known for their regular breeding in abundance, traditionally would symbolise fertility!

So Easter, re-birth, that time of the year, spring alot of, hence the bunny rabbit, although it has nothing to do with religion.

Legend has it that a rabbit would lay colourful eggs and whilst children were asleep he would visit them and leave the eggs as gifts for their good behaviour, a bit like Santa. (although we know rabbits don’t lay eggs, they give birth to baby rabbits)

Today there is the Easter hunt, where colourful Easter eggs are hidden this is a fun activity for kids to play during Easter time.

The Easter eggs have religious connotations, when you smash the egg and open it up, this symbolises the rise of Jesus, breaking out of the tomb, the resurrection.

Or simply a yummy chocolate egg full of surprising treats that kids can’t wait to eat, no matter what it represents!

In fact if you ask a kid what do they know about Easter, the reaction you would get is ”Chocolate Easter eggs yaaay!”

If you are not into the chocolate kind, then why not boil your eggs hard, allow to cool then dye and paint them up for colourful Easter fun!

A vision just for you. Chick, bunny and eggs.
Have fun painting your eggs!


My little rabbit comes from a children’s story, (by Michael Rosen) and he’s this little character that’s not so cute, quite defiant and just does what he likes

This little rabbit is called Foo Foo, which translated means fool, clown or Jester. He’s is a bit of a rebel and a bit of a rogue picking on creatures and bobbing them on the head!

Until a good fairy materialises and gives him a warning to stop this behaviour otherwise…..

LET’S TAKE A LOOK! This story has a catchy tune that is well known throughout the schools, although it sounds a bit like ‘Alouette’ or ‘The incy wincy spider’

Whoops, he was warned! and as the good fairy declared, low and behold she changed him into a Goonie! What’s that? you may ask. mmm…. well it’s like an odd thing, a thingaby gig a weird looking thingy.

So the moral of the story? basically you learn through your mistakes and utimately in Little Rabbit Foos case, because he didn’t listen and he wasn’t very nice to others, there were consequences!

Or here today Goon tomorrow?


Something that could be easily cut and shaped and flexible and these are cardboard inner tubes, which I have a sack load of.

I didn’t want to make him out of one tube, but to build on that and make Little Rabbit Foo bigger and a bit flexible.

As for the Goonie, I decided that instead of another load of Inner tubes I will do a double act.

What I will be working towards is one side to be Rabbit Foo Foo and when you spin him around like POOF! he will be the Goonie!

I am not going to model the fairy, the adult can act that part lol!


I quite like the singing version, sing the tune and jump in with Little Rabbit Foo when he’s up to no good.


Once you have got the gist of the story, tell it using Little Rabbit Foo to model it.

Before we start on this project, I have in a previous post made different types of Easter bunnies using juice cartons, here’s the link for you to check it out. Also have a peak at the video there a kid explains the meaning of Easter and it’s history.


Here are some of the resources you will need to make your Little Rabbit Foo Foo!
  • Approx. 12 cardboard inner tubes.
  • Scissors large and small.
  • Stapler. Range of brushes/plate
  • Acrylic paints, Blue, Brown, Green, Red. White (not shown)
  • White paper/Glue stick (not shown)
  • Black felt tip pens.
  • 3-4 split pins.
  • Bit of netting (hold lemons)
  • Yellow pipe cleaner (not shown)



Using your hands you can use one hand inside the tubes to prop it up and the other hand to move parts whilst following the story or even watching the video.

The reason for having two into one characters, is because the Rabbit was Zapped into a Goonie, so by flicking him around he has now become a Goonie!


If using the back of the Rabbit to make the Goonie, is too difficult for your kids, then just stick to doing the Rabbit, the back part can be what props him up.


  • After you have collected your tubes, you can lightly spray them with an anti-bacerial spray, for hygiene reasons.
  • Having difficulty in stapling edges of the tubes so they match, tape the tubes together edge to edge if you prefer, or even staple after you have lightly taped them together.
  • Paint all the main areas first, allow to dry then paint the tricky bits after.
  • Both the faces will curl back, you may need to mould them back up so they take shape.
  • Play acting your model, don’t forget to insert your fingers inside the tubes to support it up-right.
  • Lay some newspapers down when painting to keep area clean.
  • Save your lemons netting, this can be used as a prop.
  • You can streamline the arms by cutting them a bit more narrower if you like, though they can become a bit weak when moving parts up and down. 
  • I drew a similar Little Rabbit Foos face like the one from the video, you can do your own version if you like.
  • Measure the width of the blank Rabbits face and draw a face on your white paper, that would fit that area. Have a few goes until you find one that works.

Here is what I did, I quickly sketched the characters from the video and made up my Little Rabbit Foos face.

Or:- save image as> download>size up to A4. and make a copy you can cut out.

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I have shown you in this post how to make not just a typical cute bunny rabbit, but a naughty little rabbit foo?

Taking the character from the classic story Little Rabbit Foo Foo!

Not just using one cardboard inner tube but using alot more tubes to make the little rabbit and a Goonie at the same time!

With simple moveable arms as he bops them on the heads!

With adult guidance or for the older kids, this is a project you can do over a couple of hours or over a couple of days, no need to rush just enjoy the process!

An easy story to learn and tell using your inner tube model that represents Little Rabbit Foo Foo and the Goonie all in one!

So start saving your tubes!

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