Newspaper crafts for kids!

Check out what you can do with your old newspapers and magazines, a bowl or basket to hold your things in!

Making good use of your piles up newspapers or magazines!

Here we are again for the last of our 3 projects, as promised where I shall show you how to convert your newspaper into something very creative. 

Over the Summer holidays I recommended trying out 3 projects that you could do with your kids.

They have been on going projects, which you can do really anytime.

As a reminder here are the links to :- Fun summer crafts for kids! and Windmill using plastic bottles!

In this case we are looking at creating a 3D shape, a 3-dimensional container, a vase, a bowl, a basket or even a bin!

You choose what you prefer to make.

The technique requires some fine-tuning and alot of finger power!

This project may suit older kids as there has to be a bit of control with some of the proceedure, especially in how the papers are held.

Although in parts of the making, younger kids can participate.

Younger kids can help organize, lay out design and decorate, if that’s the way you want to go.

This is a very simple project and you only need to find just a few resources. in the making of Newspaper crafts for kids!

All you need is to get your hands on some newspapers, if you don’t have any, you can pick one or two up outside a supermaket where there might be some freebies or hand-outs.

Ask your relatives or how about your neighbours or even newsagents, they may have old newspapers on hand.

I realise that you can now read the news on-line, but for the sake of this project you can purchase one, check out current news, then you can go ahead and use the newspaper for your project! 


Before we continue with our project, let’s have a look at this short simple video that shows us what happens when we recycle our papers, newspaper, cardboard, packaging and other paper goods and see the transformation that takes place to re-produce, new paper from used paper based goods.

It’s as straight forward as that, so let’s continue to do our bit and remember to recycle as much as we can.

In this project we are going to recycle your old newpapers and up-cycle them into something very useful.


We are going to be making a bowl like basket. Not just any bowl, but one made of newspaper rings!

Having given it some thought, I have tried different ways in the making of this bowl like basket and the easiest solution and one that kids can have a go at, will be demonstrated below!


In this process you will need to roll up your sleeves and pepare your fingers for some, very tight rolling, gluing, pressing and extending your newspaper, so fingers power is important here and alot of endless patience.



  • 1 Newspaper/magazine

  • Standard mug.

  • 1 small cylinder spray can etc.

  • Hot glue gun and wax sticks.

  • A skewer.

  • PVA glue.

  • Additonal paper to glue on.


 I bet you didn’t think you could whip up something like this.

It does require patience, and nimble fingers, that’s why I thought this project is more suited to older kids.

This is another way to utilise your old newspapers or magazines into ‘Newspaper crafts for kids’ and it’s a simple technique, once you get into the rhythm and you only need a few resources.


  • Keep it urban looking or raw by leaving the newspaper as it is, no need to paint it, although for the younger kids might like to do this.
  • You could gloss it up a bit by finishig it off with PVA glue.
  • The glue gun provides good adhesion, but can burn your fingers, so as an alternative you can tape up the rings with each other with masking tape.
  • Or securing the rings with coloured string, ribbons, or torn fabric to join it together will give it a frill effect.
  • It’s not advisable to place finished bowl outside, as if it gets wet it will get ruined and all that hard work will be wasted.
  • Once you get the hang of this proceedure, you can make smaller bowls or bins, depending on the size of your rings.
  • Making more of the circular bases which are tight and solid, can become tea coasters and you can put your hot tea or cup of coffee on it.
  • Remember if you are making a bin, you would need to line it with a plastic a bag to collect your rubbish in, as the paper ring bin is just a holder.


Isn’t great that you can utilize your newspapers or old magazines and convert them into paper bowl or holder!

I have shown you a pretty straight forward technique on how to roll, flatten and create rings or swirls to glue together in a circular fashion and magic up a container!

Looking at your printed papers in a different way and making something very useful. It’s never ending how far you go with this.

I hope I have inspired you to start up your rolling and swirling for newspaper crafts for kids!

Hold on to your old newspaper, or magazines as this simple process can give you something very useful to put your odd items in.

So look out for any newspapers you can get your hands on!

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