A Tardosaurus made out of plastic milk bottle.
The Dinosaurs mouth can open and shut!


Why is it that kids like anything monstery, especially with teeth! In this category fall the DINOSAURS.

Anything scarey, loud and with teeth, where kids are compelled to snap away at you with a dinosaur-ish like ROARRRRRR!

In the kids world Dinosaurs come in all guises, whether it’s Lego, plastic rubbery type toys, remote control with the loud roar or fun remote games.

When kids go out to play and they can choose what to pull out from the drawers and place into the messy trays, out come the dinosaurs.

The ones I am referring to are those common plastic type, so versatile and hard working. Cover them in shaving foam, or hide them in glittery sand, or covered in hay and pepples, some twigs and you are set to go!

In this post I am looking at something a bit more simpler than some sophisticated toys, I am looking at a throw-out, something we could recycle and turn into a dinosaur.

Having looked in my recycle bag, I raked through to find something that will make something close to a dinosaurs head and I found some plastic bottles.

I wanted a fairly large one that would make the head and jaw of the dinosaur and you guessed it a plastic milk bottle. That’s what we are going to use to make a ‘milk bottle dinosaur!’

But first before we begin our crafting let’s remind ourselves of the dinosaur era and how grand these species were and to remind ourselves what they looked like.

Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes, quite small like the size of a cat or as big as a school around 5 stories high and some could be approximately 100 feet in length from head right down to the end of their tails.

In this craft activity, we won’t be making anything that big, but it’s good to refer to information or images that you can take from what you need to help with your creation.


When I first started to build the dinosauar head, I liked the idea of having spikes on its head that ran down its back.

So I started to look for a dinosaur that was a challenge to make, I liked the idea of spikes and searched long and wide and came across one dinosaur that is known as a Tarbosaurus feeder a relative to the Tyrannosaurus or better known as T-rex.

The Tarbosaurus I found had been modified somewhat for the Jurassic world movie, giving it a more fierce look which coincidently mirrors the dinosaur head I created.

Even though it’s a model or toy for kids it’s exactly like the milk bottle dinosaur head I made.

Let’s take a look especially at the head.


The Tarbosaurus name means ‘terrifying lizards’ and is regarded as the Asian version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex better known as T-Rex.

It’s similar to the T-Rex, with big jaw, smaller limbs, long tail and quite ferocious. Here’s more information about the Tarabosauarus at :-

‘kids’ site

(This toy is availble at:- Amazon, Mattel, ebay.)



  • 1 empty 2 litre milk bottle

  • 1 empty dozen egg box

  • Green tissue paper

  • Hot glue gun/wax

  • Large scissors/scalple

  • Large paintbrush

  • Black felt tip pen

  • PVA glue

  • Acrylic colours (your choice)

  • Pink paper for tongue (optional)

LET’S GET GOING!  Here are 12 images showing step by step how to make a Milk bottle dinosaur.


MOUTH. When cutting the bottle to create the mouth, so it opens and shuts, be careful not to cut the back end as this will be the hinge or the part that holds the mouth together.

TOP PART OF HEAD. The handle will be the top of the head and what will support the egg box points

SPIKE ON HEAD. Curving the egg box points is tricky so carefully bend and tape to the handle.

TO SHAPE MOUTH. Draw a couple of lines as shown and snip them about 20mm in and curl them inside each other then glue whilst holding together.

NOSTRILS. Position the 2 nostrils where you would like them to be and glue into place.

MASKING TAPE. Use masking tape to cover the whole head, this will secure all parts and give a good base to paint on, or instead to use tissue paper.

PAINT OR TISSUE PAPER. The choice is yours to either paint the head or glue tissue paper for the finish. To add some texture dot or do curl shapes like lizard skin and apply different shades this will give it depth and texture.

THE EYES. When glueing the eye position it in the hollow under the handle rounded part at the bottom and straight part at top and layer up folded tissue to make a heavy eyelid.

TEETH. Once you have covered the head wtih tissue, allow a white line for the teeth top and bottom of the mouth, then snip the teeth out all the way round.

INSIDE OF MOUTH. Finally if you would like to show the inside of the mouth, paint it in pink and to have a tongue cut out a long oval shape out of pink paper and tape it to the back of the mouth.


Recycling your plastic milk bottles to create a dinosaurs head is another way to show how creative this activity can be. Who would think you can take a simple throw-out plastic bottle and turn it spikey Tardosaurus. In previous posts I have made a :-        

‘Milk bottle Elephant’ and a ‘Milk bottle Whale’, andMilk bottle fun monster faces these are also good projects to get your kids involved in and they do look super cool when completed.

Check them out as alternative projects to make!

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed making the milk bottle dinosaur head, it does look quite effective when opening and shutting it’s mouth and especially for kids to do their roaring with.

If you don’t like having spikes, you can make a T-Rex instead. This method is a good foundation for any type of dinosaur, or even to make it into a horses head.

Why not make a magical creature a cross between a dragon and a unicorn.

Get your thinking heads on and do some sketches with your kids. Be inventive that’s the name of the game.

So let’s get creative with our inventions and have lots of fun in the process!

Love to see what you come up with so drop us a line and I will update with a picture of your creations!


6 thoughts on “MILK BOTTLE DINOSAUR!”

  1. A custom milk dinosaur bottle. Quite creative.

    Thanks for this lovely guide, as you gave me an idea for the perfect dad/son activity for this week. My five-year-old will love to craft this for his younger sis, and it’s you he should be thanking.

    The site’s name suits it well. You’ve just gained a new follower. Keep it up, and I hope to see another DFY project like this one really soon.


    1. Hi Gorjan, brilliant! glad you enjoyed the post and how to make a crazy dinosaurs head!
      Kids get such a kick out of making anything that can flip, twist open and shut,
      especially if it has a cool look too!
      I would love to see your kids results, I could feature it as an update on my post and would
      be great to see a convention of dinosaurs Roarrrrrr!!! lol

  2. Brilliant! My husband and I enjoyed watching the videos on the Dinosaurs. I loved the craft side of it. Using recycled products is amazing. I must send this link to my grandchildren.

    1. Hi Yvonne, great! glad you like my post. This is my intention to re-use throw-outs,
      there is so much wastage these days, we can recycle almost anything, just need to get your
      creative head out!
      Please do get your grandchildren to take a look and have a go. I also have many more
      craft projects your grandchildren could endulge in.
      My previous post is on ‘Recycled Robot for kids’ they may enjoy that one too!
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Hi Julia,
    Wow This is something Really cool. Customized Dinosaur bottle is so cue and realistic. All the steps explained by you is so crisp and neat.

    My sone and I am definitely going to try this out at home as now we are all locked up in our homes and during this time these types of activities would be real fun.

    The way you explained and the creativity that you put in making this bottle is so amazing. I would love to see many more such things on this page. I really liked each and every detail.

    I am surely going to try this out and even share it with people so that they could also spend some quality time with their kids performing this activity.

    1. Hi Samantha, so glad you liked this activity and would be taking it on to try with your son!
      You wouldn’t believe something like a plastic milk bottle could be changed into a dinosaurs head!
      When done it does look spectacular and it’s great to hear that you can follow my examples!

      I have also made an indian elephant in a previous post using a milk bottle. Please do check out previous posts.
      My aim is to recycle throw-outs and make something crafty with them.

      Love to see what you and your son create, send me some pictures and and I can add it as an update!
      I am also happy that you want to share this activity, so that others can have fun with their kids too!
      Happy crafting and thanks for the feedback 🙂

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